Mayor Lee Annnounces Burning Man to Locate Headquaters at Sixth and Market Streets

Twitter Likely to Join Burning Man in Central Market Neighborhood

San Francisco, CA—Mayor Edwin M. Lee announced today that Burning Man/Black Rocks Arts Foundation LLC will be signing a lease at Sixth and Market Streets, making the cutting-edge community arts organization the newest addition to the bourgeoning Central Market arts and culture district. Twitter intends to lease office space at Ninth and Market Streets in the Central Market neighborhood and now will be joined by Burning Man.

"We are building on the synergy of the creative arts and innovative technology to revive and transform our Central Market community," said Mayor Lee. "I am thrilled to welcome Burning Man to Central Market, our up-and-coming arts district. Like Twitter, Burning Man embodies innovation and will lead to the creation of new jobs, a sense of community, and services to an underserved area."

"Burning Man is thrilled to become a key player in the efforts to revitalize Central Market through arts, culture, and the creative economy," said Burning Man Founder Larry Harvey. "We hope to collaborate with other new mid-Market immigrants and to find common cause with the community that is already here. Together, we can marshal a creativity that is unique to San Francisco."

Twitter has announced publicly its intention to stay in San Francisco and pursue a headquarters at 1355 Market Street pending approval of the payroll tax exclusion for Central Market and the Tenderloin. The policy, which passed the first of two Board of Supervisors votes by 8 to 3 yesterday, establishes a payroll tax exclusion for businesses in Central Market and the Tenderloin – and any that relocate to the area – on any new jobs created in the area.

Mayor Lee was joined by a representative from Twitter for a walk and tour with businesses and community on Central Market today to meet future neighbors and demonstrate the company's intentions to stay and grow in San Francisco and be part of the Central Market revitalization.

"We are encouraged by yesterday's vote and are committed to securing a new home on Central Market," said Twitter Vice President Sean Garrett. "Along with Burning Man and other arts organizations in the area, we are excited by the prospect of working with the community and the City in the revitalization of the Central Market neighborhood."

Burning Man will be signing a lease at 995 Market Street for 19,000 square feet that will serve as its headquarters. The organization has already become an active stakeholder in the Central Market revitalization effort, working with the City to place public art installations in locations along Market Street. These installations – two 15-foot metal flowers – will be unveiled in May along with the City's Art in Storefronts installations.

Burning Man's decision to locate in Central Market is the result of the City's efforts to recruit arts and culture organizations to the neighborhood through the Central Market Partnership, a public/private effort that is targeting as many City resources as possible toward the improvement of the neighborhood through business and arts venue development, planned physical improvements, safety enhancements, and financial incentives. In addition to Burning Man, Pearl's Deluxe Burgers will be opening at Sixth and Market Streets this summer as the result of the City's recruitment efforts.