Frequently Asked Questions

Is this internship paid?
Generally, GSA internships are unpaid. (If this ever changes in the future, we can update you and place it in the FAQ)

How much time do you require for commitment to the program?
20 hours a week is our minimum. However, we are flexible with interns’ schedules.

When are the start dates?
Start dates vary and are generally set based on each Department's needs.

How do I apply?
Link to the Submit Application Portal then upload your resume and cover letter to apply for a position.

Who should I contact for further questions?
Detra McKinney
PH: 415-554-6039
Fax: 415-554-6042  

Stephanie Ortiz
PH: 554-6037
Fax: 415-554-6042  

General Services Agency - Human Resources
1155 Market Street, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103 

Website: GSA Internship Program