About the Program

The General Services Agency (GSA) Internship Program is a public service platform designed to partner students or graduates with working professionals in a mentor-trainee relationship. Through the Internship Program, the GSA hopes to maximize public service exposure, encourage professional development, and foster mutual learning between the aspiring youth and the organization.

The Internship Program supports the General Services Agency and its departments in various offices and professional support functions.

About the Program

The program accepts both graduate and undergraduate level interns, depending on the level of expertise necessary to carry out assignments. Internship cycles run on a year-round basis, but commonly follow the collegiate school system schedule by semester or summer session. Typical internship cycles range from 2 to 6 months.

  1. Introduce interns to local government structure and work in the public sphere.
  2. Enlist talent and new energy into the workplace to help accomplish necessary goals.
  3. Provide a meaningful survey and valuable experience of public services careers.
  4. Develop skills and abilities for prospective candidates in a new cohort of civic leaders and professionals.

Internship Benefits

- Membership opportunities
- Training for professional deveopment
- Networking opportunities