2015 Community Benefit Agreements

The City Administrator has executed the Community Benefit Agreements for 2015 with the six renewing companies; Microsoft/Yammer, One Kings Lane, Spotify, Twitter, Zendesk, and Zoosk.

2015 Microsoft/Yammer CBA
2015 One Kings Lane CBA
2015 Spotify CBA
2015 Twitter CBA
2015 Zendesk CBA
2015 Zoosk CBA

In April 2011, the Board of Supervisors amended Article 12-A of the San Francisco Business and Tax Regulations Code by adding Section 906.3 to establish a Central Market & Tenderloin Payroll Expense Tax Exclusion, exempting businesses located within a defined exclusion area from additional payroll tax as they add jobs during any six years in an eight-year period.  Businesses applying for the Central Market Street and Tenderloin Area Payroll Expense Tax Exclusion with payroll of greater than $1 million annually must enter a Community Benefit Agreement ("CBA") with the City Administrator.

To find more information about the Community Benefit Agreement, please visit Citizen's Advisory Committee for the Central Market & Tenderloin Area.