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Citywide Post-Disaster Resilience and Recovery Initiative

San Francisco is leading a unique, internationally recognized citywide initiative that seeks to address comprehensive advanced planning to accelerate post-disaster recovery. The Recovery Initiative is coordinated by the General Services Agency (GSA), the Department of Emergency Management (DEM) and Office of the Controller in collaboration with the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

With a Program Plan of 75+ projects organized under nine focus areas, the Recovery Initiative seeks to initiate, support or coordinate efforts to improve the state of San Francisco's resilience before and after a catastrophic event.

Current Recovery Initiative projects include convening the first known local Lifeline Council of major utilities to explore interdependencies and restoration strategies, a post-disaster governance project, a robust financial planning strategy, an enterprise risk management program, a community resilience initiative including small and medium-sized businesses, economic impact analysis, a long-term housing plan and coordination with regional and federal recovery efforts.

Additionally, much of the Recovery Initiative is about ensuring that long-term recovery elements are coordinated with existing programs such as Community Action Plan for Seismic Safety (CAPSS), Capital Planning Program, UASI Regional Catastrophic Grant Program (RCPJ), SPUR Resilient Cities Initiative and DEM's All Hazards Strategic Plan program.

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