Sugary Drinks Distributor Tax Advisory Committee

The Committee’s purpose and goal is to present recommendations to the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors on the effectiveness of the distributor tax. Each year the Committee will present on their findings.

Meeting Information:

March 12th - 5pm

25 Van Ness Ave, Suite 610


2018 SDDTAC Annual Report - 156 pages (PDF)

Agenda - SSDTAC - Meeting Agenda - 3/12/18

Minutes - SSDTAC - Meeting Minutes - 12/21/17 

SSDTAC - Meeting Minutes - 1/19/18

SSDTAC - Meeting Minutes - 2/14/18

SSDTAC - Meeting Minutes - 2/21/18

Committee Roster

Seat # Full Name First Last
Seat 1 Vanessa Bohm Vanessa Bohm
Seat 2 Kent Woo Kent Woo
Seat 3 Joi Jackson-Morgan Joi Jackson-Morgan
Seat 4 Roberto Ariel Vargas Roberto Ariel Vargas
Seat 5 Jonathan Butler Jonathan Butler
Seat 6 Areeya Chananudech Areeya Chananudech
Seat 7 Jorge Rivas Jorge Rivas
Seat 8 Saeeda Hafiz Saeeda Hafiz
Seat 9 Libby Albert Libby Albert
Seat 10 Rita Nguyen Rita Nguyen
Seat 11 Irene Hilton Irene Hilton
Seat 12 Ryan Thayer Ryan Thayer
Seat 13 Michelle Kim Michelle Kim
Seat 14 Bob Palacio Bob Palacio
Seat 15 Janna N. Cordeiro Janna Cordeiro
Seat 16 Lyra Ng Lyra Ng

Contact Us:

For more information about the Sugary Drinks Distributor Tax Advisory Committee please contact Jack Gallagher with the Office of the City Administrator or 415-554-6272.