Annual Economic Statement for City-Funded Organizations (Non-Profits)


Section 10.1 of the San Francisco Administrative Code (Ordinance 213-11, signed by the Mayor on November 3, 2011) requires all nonprofit corporations, organizations, or other legal entities receiving funding from or through the City and providing direct services to the public (except local, State or federal government entities) to file to Economic Statements with the City. Filing is to be made with the department from which the entity receives funds or, if the exception in the Ordinance applies, with the City Administrator. Entities that file with the City Administrator must file by April 1 of each year.
Section 10.1 also requires that all entities applying for or receiving monies from the City, as defined above, must have on file a current annual economic statement before any public monies are approved.
The attached form is for entities filing with the City Administrator. Entities applying for or receiving funding from another City department should contact that department as to their filing procedures.

Review Ordinance No. 213-11 (PDF)

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